Eerie Shadows

Story 11: Mystery of Uncanny Water, Chapter 7
This is a locked chapterStory 11: Mystery of Uncanny Water, Chapter 7
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Minmin is waiting for someone, but she can't find her, so she gives the cd to her friend, who is a bit dizzy. She tries to find the cd, but it's nowhere to be found. She asks her friend if she's okay, and he says he's fine. He gives her a ride back to the apartment, and she puts the cd on. She fumbles it, and the music on it is not in Minghao's pockets, but in the bag of the dead man. She's so confused that she doesn't even know where she is going. She tells her friend that she'll give her the cd when she gets better, and then she tells her that the next chapter will tell the story of how Minghao died, and that the real murderer will be revealed.
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