Eerie Shadows

Story 21: Asuras' Battlefield, Chapter 20
This is a locked chapterStory 21: Asuras' Battlefield, Chapter 20
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When the scene opens, the audience is introduced to the young protagonist, Xiaoxiao, who has just returned from the battlefield with her father, uncle, and white bear. She is very excited to see her father again and asks him what he wants to do with his life. He tells her that he will fulfill her wishes and that he wishes to have her like her. He asks her where her class is and she tells him that they have not yet started. She then asks him where he is and he says that they havent started yet. She tells him to come in and thank him for his kindness. He says that she is adorable and he wishes he had a daughter like she. He then asks her to tell him where her school is and when she does, he tells her to sit down and not to shout in public places. She says that there is no rush and she is late. She asks him to put down her bag first and then hand the note to the school principal. He will need it for his speech later. When she sees that the principal has taken a picture of himself in the hall, she says she will hold the bag for him. She also asks him if he knows where the people who took the picture have gone. He answers that they went to a meeting room upstairs. They will leave first and she will handle the part of the scene about the fire. When the principal asks her why she didn't stop
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