Eerie Shadows

Story 12: Hell Fire, Chapter 9
This is a locked chapterStory 12: Hell Fire, Chapter 9
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In the meantime, Ming Ma has gone to the police station to check on the welfare of his patient, Yuer. Old Duan has decided to let Pingguo join in the case. A mysterious man has just left the plane, and Ming Ma is worried that he will be denounced by the police if he posts the picture in the newspaper. He tells the police captain that the picture is too degenerate, and that he was not asking the captain to judge. The captain replies that the maxim of the forum is to know the real human by peeping, but what he did was just juvenile. Ming Ma tells the captain that he is getting more interested in him, and says that he did not expect that he would get to handle such a case. He asks the captain what kind of crimes the man committed, and the captain says that the victim was "just a kid". Ming Ma asks if the captain knows about his father's enemies, and he says that they haven't spoken for nine years. He says that if there is nothing else he wants with him, the captain should stamp the corpse claiming paper. The Captain asks Ming Ma if he has studied criminal psychology. Ming tells him that he hasn't, but that he still finds it difficult to believe.
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