Eerie Shadows

Story 19: Fangirl, Chapter 3
This is a locked chapterStory 19: Fangirl, Chapter 3
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When the uncle boyang shows up at the artist's house, he's all, "uncle, are you okay? my ankle is twisted, and I need to go home." The uncle asks if the artist is okay, and the artist says he is. The uncle tells the artist that he can come in and clean up the room, but the artist won't let him in. He's worried that the girl in the room is a prostitute, and he asks the uncle to show him what the girl looks like, and then he can clean the room for him. This is the first time the uncle has seen the artist since he saved him. He asks the artist if he has any ulterior motives for coming to his house. The artist tells the uncle that he wants to get on his good side, so that the uncle can tell him what happens in the future. He doesn't want to give the uncle any spoilers, but he does want to know who the old duan ends up with, and who the duan daughter is in the end. He also wants to know if the duans will ever get back together, and if the demon inside duan will be able to defeat him and save his daughter. The narrator says that the plot was designed so that duan could defeat his demon and go back to his daughter, but that's not going to happen.
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