Daddy From Hell

Chapter 133
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The journalist reminds Mengmeng of his encounter with Shuyu in outer space, and he wonders if this is the same mysterious power that he has when he has a headache. He wonders if the same thing could be happening to him when he loses consciousness, as if he is being manipulated. He asks the journalist if he knows the journalist, and the journalist replies that he doesn't, but that he remembers the journalist's description of the man they met in the outer space. The journalist asks if he remembers Shuyu's name, but the journalist says that he didn't know Shuyu at all, and that Shuyu risked his life in order to save the mengmeng. He tells the journalist that when he lost consciousness, his body felt exactly the same way as if it were being manipulated by another person. He says that if they are to see him, he needs a new weapon, because his knife has been damaged. He also says that the re-election is coming up in three days, and now that they have returned, he stands a better chance of winning. He adds that he heard that the father of Shuyu has woken up, so he's cheering him up. He then asks if his wife's health has improved, and she says that she hasn't yet woken up. When the journalist asks why his wife is still sleeping, the father says that his wife needs to sleep a little longer so that she can get used to playing with him when she awakes. The father asks why Shuyu is chasing after hell emperor, and Shuyu replies that his only concern is chasing down hell emperor.
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