Americano Exodus

Chapter 144
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Back at the mansion, pierre is still waiting for his master. He's not sure what he's going to do with himself now that his master has left him alone. He tells himself that he'll have to go inside and play with his master until he comes out. pierre asks if his mother can take care of the inside while he goes outside. He doesn't want to die or kill his master, he just wants to play with him. Okay, now it's time for pierre to tell his master what's up. He wants to know why he hasn't opened the family's book yet. He says that he assumed it was the book because he was afraid to tell the truth. He also says that because he showed the book to the family, many people's lives have been ruined because they didn't know how to decipher the book. Now, he says, he can figure out what pierre's plan is for the rest of the house.
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