Chapter 35
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In this chapter, we learn that Maria has joined the matchmaking team because she wants to "blow her stress." We learn that she was once a member of the same matchmaking team as Nelly, and that Nelly was "too young and stupid" to join the team. Nelly, however, is not so sure about Maria's motives. She thinks that Maria is trying to get back at Nelly for something that happened to her when she was 12 years old. Nelly wonders why Maria has suddenly become friendly with someone on the team, and she wonders if this is because she has lost her "friendship" with Nelly. Nelly tells us that her mother and father tried to find a husband for her, but they couldn't figure out how many people had been interviewed. Nelly asks if she is planning to get married, and her mother says that it is not wrong for her to marry someone she likes, but that she should stay positive. Nelly says that she has decided to stay away from matchmaking for a while, since she needs to have a "date" with each of the candidates before she chooses one. Nelly thinks that one of the men on the list is from Nelly's region, and Nelly wonders if that is because he is addicted to gambling and a scammer. Nelly points out that this man is a "norm for nobles" to wipe their "past before marriage," and that he is a scammer who only scams the poor. Nelly concludes that if she were a free man, she would have participated in the matchmaking.
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