Final Will

Chapter 80
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About This Chapter
In this chapter, we are introduced to a new character named "Humboldt" . He is a war hero who is an intermediate in the line of battle between the senior and intermediate war heroes. He has a symbiotic relationship with the senior war heroes, and he is interested in the war spirit of the intermediate war hero. Humboldt says that he will possess the war hero even if he has to have a certain amount of strength to do so. He says that whenever he thinks about possessing a war spirit, he gets very excited. He thinks that ghosts can be used to destroy the enemy, and that he can use ghosts to destroy himself. He adds that he has become very fond of the war-hero, and says that his power is at a higher level than the power of an intermediate-war-hero. He promises to create an evil ghost to devour the enemy. The evil ghost roars, an advanced skill that is owned by malice, and uses the sharp sound of the sound wave to directly attack the enemy spirit. This is the first time we see that the enemy has lost his war spirit. The war-spirit is out of its body, but the evil ghost has devoured half of his psychic willpower.
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