CHAPTER 188: One Tenth
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In this chapter, we learn that the android we met at the beginning of the story is a second-generation android, modeled after the witch. He has no contact with her, but he does have a memory of her talking to him. He thinks that she erased all of the memories of the other stars, and he wonders if there was something he did not want the androids to know. He wonders if the erased memories were of something that he wouldnt want them to know, and they knew each other, during the time of the wiped-off memories. The android tells us that his mission is unaffected, and that he has absorbed all of his ether, which means that he no longer has any power left to fight. He tells Rebecca to be careful with the rope, as it puts her at a disadvantage. He also tells her that he is going to fight her, and she is surprised that he would even think about such a thing. She tells him that she has a scanner, which would make the fight fun, but that it is against the rules. He says that he cannot parry her attacks, and wonders why he would erase all of her memories while he was still her kind, caring grandpa. He then tells her to turn to dust and cosmic lightning, and says that with his ether depleted, she cannot withstand his attack. He asks her if she thinks that he knew that he was about to go crazy, but she does not believe him.
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