CHAPTER 136: Goodwin
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In this chapter, goodwin introduces himself as the man who will destroy the "large cat identified" . Goodwin is a cat, too, and he asks the cat if he is rebecca from the "oneko channel". Goodwin tells the cat that he is the one who found the fan of the "lousy videos" , and the cat is happy to see him. The cat asks what is going on with laguna, and goodwin tells him that he has a chance to "crush shura" and that they need his help. They interrupt the broadcast for some "breaking" news about the crisis of "roi casmas" and the bots trying to "leave". The cat tells goodwin that bots have become indispensable members of the community and that when they disappear, what will you do? They kill all the bots, he says, and it makes him sad, not that he does not deserve it, but that it is too cruel. He says that every planet has a "ether at mosphere", and that if they do not stop "shura," they will "wipe out" all of the droids in the "aoi cosmos". They start hunting for bots in the oasis' hideout, and everyone runs to grab their weapons.
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