CHAPTER 127: The Doomsday System
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In the medical room, Desdemona complains to her sister that she's getting weaker and weaker. She's also worried about her brother, who's still alive. She asks him if he can help her, and he tells her that he's going to take his brother's corpse apart and try to see how long she can keep her emotions in check before she starts to break down again. He also tells her about the doomsday system that's been set up to destroy the planet. He says that the planet is about to go back to the "stom stomp stomp" , which is basically like a giant stomping ground. He's about to hack into the system when he hears a "laser rumble rumble" and realizes that it's all part of the "doomsday system" . He realizes that he can't use his powers without his suit, so he'll have to use his water to carry him to safety.
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