CHAPTER 89: Hermit vs. Fie
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In this short scene, we learn more about the protagonist's powers. First, we get a brief description of the protagonist: he's a happy-blaster, a fish-dislike, a dog-attack, a defense, a marksman, an ether-power guy, and an intelligence guy. He's got a cat-like personality, and he can speak the language of the human race. He was brought back from the dead when he was a young child, and now he can communicate in the human language. He has a habit of saying "aye" , which means "I love you" . This guy is named Joe. He used to be a mechanical creature, but when he got older, he became a human being. He can speak, he can talk, and, most importantly, he has the ability to communicate in a language that's human-friendly. Joe is a super-human, super-smart guy. We learn that he has a secret weapon stash that he'll use to kill anyone who tries to get in his way. He wants to use it to kill the guy who's looking for him.
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