CHAPTER 63: Taking Up the Torch
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In the midst of his confusion, Valkyrie decides to put on some clothes. He realizes that he's in a bad situation, and he needs to get some things off of him ASAP. He's also worried about what the others are thinking about him. He wonders where Hiroshi and Homura are, and wonders why they're not wearing their battle gear. He also wonders why he can't make his dragoon lighter, since it's equipped with an "ether coating" . He doesn't know if he can make it lighter or not, but he does know that Hiroshi's body has been damaged by the ether coating, so he'll have to do something drastic to get it back. He jokes that the adults in the world are making the world a better place because they refuse to face reality. He says that he knows that the witch was looking at what they were going to tell her and the others. He locks the entrance of the armory and all the other doors, so that no one will try to get in.
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