CHAPTER 3: Adventurers
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The adventurers guild is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and one of the guild members, a woman named Rosa, is complaining about the lack of recognition of the group. She says that the group does not really know who Rosa is, but that she is a mysterious woman who left the "sakura cosmos" and found her way to the "adventures guild" . The woman says that Rosa is a friend to the group, and that they even have an image of Rosa in their guild. Rosa says that she can't believe that Rosa's friend would want to be friends with a man who is a castaway. She also says that if Rosa wants friends, she should go ask her mother. Rosa is upset that the woman who made Rosa cry is now a part of the adventure guild. She thinks that Rosa has met her own mother, but Rosa says she's not sure if Rosa is thinking of her own mom, or her own father. Rosa feels that the guild is full of surprises, and says that he has just gotten his adventure license, which means that he can join the group now. He's been waiting for a long time for a new adventure game, and now he has a new one.
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