Vol.6 Chapter 54 (Part 1)
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The chapter opens with a conversation between the narrator and a cat. The cat is friendly, and the narrator is excited to go to a restaurant for the first time. The narrator asks the cat to sniff the paw pads of the cat, which are so friendly that the narrator can take a picture with them. He also tells the cat that he can feed the cat snacks for 500 JPY, which is a lot of money for a small amount of food. After the cat leaves, the narrator continues his conversation with the cat by asking the cat why he wants to live so happily with him. He says that he wants a balance between his life as a student and his work as a waiter. He explains that he has been going to a school that does not require him to apply for college every year. The teacher also tells him that he could easily get a ship to study in a foreign country if he wanted to. He then asks if the other students are hungry, and they all admit that they are not. He tells them that he turned down a boy who wanted his number, and that his mother is busy with work. He adds that he wishes he were as popular as he is. He asks if he can eat at his place tonight, and he says that since they leave the next day, he will be fine. He is sure that one day he will find a rich, handsome man who will like how much he eats.
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