Vol.4 Chapter 38
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It's been three days since Sakurako and Mizuki got back from their first day of classes, and they're still mopey and depressed. They're not sure what to do now that they don't have to go back to school, but they've decided to have a little party at home to celebrate their new status as college students. Mizuki and Sakurako tease each other about how much fun it will be to be college students in the spring, and how happy they'll be when they get back. They talk about how sad they are that they haven't been able to celebrate the fact that they got to hug each other earlier in the day, but now they have to head back to class first thing in the morning to prepare for their entrance exams in the afternoon. They joke that Mizuki will have to work while Sakurako is studying, but Mizuki won't be able to because he'll have to stay home and take care of his mom. They also joke about Mizuki's snoring, which they think is a sign that he's not supposed to be working, but he is. They go off to check out a real estate web site, which Mizuki has bookmarked.
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