Chapter 107
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Bei xiao tells Ren that he has a good news for Ren: Yao zui is back in the immortal world, and they can meet him in the future. Ren is shocked, but he doesn't want to tell anyone. He says that he's done all he can for this, and that he can't wait to see what happens. Ren asks if he should kill the substitute or bring the immortal back to life. Ren says that's the wrong thing to do, and he'll send Ren back to his old life, where he won't even be able to get to know the real immortal. Ren tells Bei Xiao that she's right on time, since she didn't grieve at all for the truth. He tells her that he knows she'll never betray him, and Ren says, "I'm not willing to do that. It's not his business. I never had I expected that you'd simply be controlled, by a piece, of remnant soul, and abandon your old life.
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