Chapter 221
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In this chapter, baiuran wonders about the hell of the mountains. He feels a little uncomfortable because he's feeling a little itchy. He wonders if there's some kind of natural barrier between the mountains and the human world. He also wonders if this is the place where the divine characters are created. The divine characters hate, flesh, and blood creating life. He then wonders what effect this would have when they're combined. This divine writing system will absorb the resentment of the human race. This liquid is made from many precious materials and acts like a "female uterus" . The heavenly gods were exterminated by human clan, and their resentments are gathered in this place. The sound of battle is heard. Worried that the battle is going on inside the cave, he decides to go and look. He sees that the monsters are attacking without any kind of formation, unlike the Heavenly Imperial army. He thinks that he'd have won the battle if he hadn't had to face the monsters alone. He's still got a lot of work to do, though, because he still has a lot to learn. He tells the heavenly imperial army to listen up and use the "heavenly thunder technique" to fight the monsters.
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