Chapter 129
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The second generation god, jiang lan, introduces himself to the audience. He tells the audience that he is a "second-generation god" and that his parents were killed by the gods when they were born. He asks the audience to call him "bai qiuran" , which means "little girl" in Chinese. He explains that he wants to build his foundation with the help of the plants in his yard. He wants to take the audience on a tour of the heavenly court so that the emperor can give him a job. He says that he always stays up late at night so that he can build his foundations. He adds that he has come to the "goddess era" after a great difficulty. He wonders if there is a passage in the woods on his left that could be used to rustle up a human tribe. The god explains that the little girl is not a demi-god, but a "genuine goddess" who likes to get close to humans. He also explains that she has a strong poison that she can use to make people pee. The little girl was poisoned by the urine of one of the nectar trees, but the poison did not take effect in her body.
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