Chapter 131
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In this short scene, the new god tells the young man to follow him and show him his strength. He tells him to go ahead and try to raise his strength, otherwise, he'll get into a lot of trouble if there's too much attention paid to him. This is a basic test, he says, and it lifts the rock from the pit that he's raised it from. He doesn't expect this to be easy, but it is. The vastness of the galaxy, he tells the boy, has gone beyond his imagination. He says that if the boy can throw the rock into the sky, he will deal with all the consequences for him. He'll present a report directly to the king, who could appoint the boy as a general at the ninth level of the ministry. The young man says he can't go back to his old stomping grounds, but he can tell that he still has some work to do. The new god says that even those high-level gods are not strong enough to withstand the energy of the stars in the galaxy. He explains that he first asked the boy to raise the rock, then he asked him to do it later, and finally he did it. When he gets familiar with the gods in the afterlife, he can use the information system of the gods to find the first generation of the god's body.
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