Chapter 33
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It's six years later, and the Master is still drunk. He's in the "Integration" stage, which means that he's a superior master. He says that it's normal for a master to get ahead of his juniors and senior disciples, but he doesn't expect to be overtaken by his own disciple. The bitter taste of heavenly wine makes him even more pained. He tells his sister, "Gulliver's wine, glug'g glug" , and asks her to talk to the Master about it. She tells him that the Master has already drunk enough wine to be worth 30,000 spiritual stones. The Master is too childish to listen to her, and she tells him to calm down. She says that if the Master won't cooperate with her next time, she'll ask her to help him refine his flying sword. He wants to know why she's asking him to refine his sword now, when he promised to do so in the future. She's wrong, he says, and he can't refute her. He has to start refining his sword, which is called the "god summoner" .
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