Chapter 79
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It's been a while since the last time we saw the monster, and now he's back in the cave. He's not used to living in a cave, and he asks if he can just blow it up. He wants to know what's going to happen to the house if he destroys it now. He asks if the fire-breathing dragon can help him build his foundation. He thinks it's a bad idea, because the fire doesn1t work on him. He wonders if the baby is born in the cold and hot weather, and if he will suffer from being squeezed by the giant hands of the dragon. The baby is trapped in a narrow birth canal, and the cold winds blow on his body. The fire doesn&#8216t work, he says, because he doesn1&#8t have a solid foundation. This is the pain of being born, he thinks. He wishes he were a native creature, but the dragon is actually an artificial one. The land immortals may be able to help him, he wonders. He begs the dragon to let him out. The white dragon sect inyongzhou told him not to enter the cave, but he didn1t listen. He says he will pay the sect back if
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