Infinity Mailman

Chapter 158
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The monk explains that it is impossible for the monk to obtain the prayer beads unless he has been given them by an eminent monk. The monk asks the monk how he should address the eminence to see the Buddha even in "nothingness." The monk tells him that he should stick with him for now. He will share teachings of "risshu," which might unlock the mysteries of the beads. He asks where the monk is headed next. He tells the monk that he is capable of traveling alone, but it is not safe to do so. He then asks if the monk has recognized him, and the monk says that they are acquainted. He says that he thought the monk looked unfamiliar, so he is just a fool who picked up the monk as his disciple. He also says that humiliating the monk feels great, even though he did not catch the thief. He goes on to say that if he is really the disciple of the monk, why is his shoes different, and why is he wearing the monk's robes? He then says that the monk will find shelter in the village, and they will find a place to rest. He adds that he has visited the village before, and that they will be able to find shelter there. He wonders if there are no living people in this village, as they are all dead by demons. He wants to help the souls transcend, he says, and he will cremate the dead. The voice sounds familiar, and this voice freaks him out.
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