Infinity Mailman

Chapter 104
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The old man tells the young man that his wife is pretty and that he must have noticed that she was having fun. The young man thinks that the old man is having fun because he is blinded by desire. He wonders if he has ever seen an eunuch and a wife together. The old guy tells him that he thinks he wants to work with them because of the creation bead, which can make him a man. He asks if he is wrong to want a man, and the old guy says that he thought he was doing it for his son. The man says that the brat thinks he is an ignorant fool and slaps him. He says that they have entered the place for a long time, and that they need to hurry. He sees that the place has changed, and he wonders if there are coffins in the riverbed. He thinks it is surprising to find such an underground river, and wonders if the coffins are sealed with corpses. He runs to the river, where he finds the dead qiubing.
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