Infinity Mailman

Chapter 187
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The next day, the Ghost is back at work, and he's happy to see his old buddy. He's glad to see that the kid's back, because it means that he'll have more time to work on his new skills. The Ghost tells the boy that he has a special box in his room that contains a "willow pipe of life" . The pipe is made from a tree of life, and the tobacco contains "catacific power." The box contains a special stamp that can transform the pipe into a "breathing pipe" , a "cooling off period," and a "bewitching fog," all of which are useful for healing wounds and improving one's health. The box is also full of other useful stuff, like a "special stamp" that can "boost your lung capacity," a "breath of life essence," and even a "fog of bewitching." The Ghost can't really give the box to the old man, because he doesn't have the money to buy it. The old man says that the box belonged to his wife, who went missing, and that she left behind the pipe and the box. The ghost says that he needs to sell all of this stuff ASAP, so he can buy some resources.
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