Chapter 99
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In this chapter, the monster explains that he is the only person who can hear what he has to say. He asks what good he can gain from helping the monster, and if that is all he is going to ask, it is better if he shuts up. He says that he can heal his injury by covering his wounds with a blood bead, but that it is still better to feign a little injury. He tells his grandma that the place is a place where corpses are fed. He explains that those who have been devoured by the monster are no longer walking corpses, but instead become zombies because they have been preserved in the place. He adds that it will take a hundred years before zombies form in this place. The monster gives his grandma a protection talisman, which will save her life if she is in danger. She asks why he is not thanking her, and he replies that he needs to explain what he said to the monk. He then tells her that he has come to save the monk, but he does not want to make the monk angry at him. He wants to have some fun with her, so they can have some of his power.
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