Gunjō no Magmell

Chapter 83: As If Another Story
This is a locked chapterChapter 83: As If Another Story
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On one side, he's fighting the round two of the fight. On the other side is a human kid who's trying to talk to him. He doesn't want to join the fight because it's too much work, and he can't do much with the little body he has. He's also worried that the human kid will run away, so he decides to stay and watch the fight from his window. He tells the kid to get lost, and then he asks if he can ask his professor to take him on a tour of the magmell. The kid says he'd like to go, but then he remembers that two years ago he bought his picture book, which is set in the elf century. It's a mess, he says, but the story is still pretty good. He decides to kill the kid right now.
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