Gunjō no Magmell

Chapter 14: Imagination Shadow
This is a locked chapterChapter 14: Imagination Shadow
About This Chapter
In this chapter, we learn more about the Lacht Force and how it works. Lacht force is a kind of force that's created by the magmell. When a lot of it is in one place at once, it's like a self-hypnotizing force. It's called the realm of imagination, and it can last for weeks or months at a time. The fastest ones will disappear in a few days, while the slower ones will last for a few months. There's also the creation of things and the destruction of things. The lacht force can only be awakened when you're in the right place at the right time. You can't just stand there and wait for it to happen. You'll have to master it, but you'll be able to use it to your advantage. The more you master the force, the more your body will respond to it. So, even if your body doesn't respond to the force right away, at least it will be stronger in the future.
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