Season 2 Chapter 10
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"happy birthday" is the first line of the song, which begins with a happy declaration of happiness. It's the first time we've heard the words "happy" and "congratulations" in the same song, so we're not sure what to make of it. We're also not sure if this song is meant to be a celebration of a birthday or a birthday wish, but we do know that it's about a happy birthday. The narrator tells us that he's happy for his friend, and that he wishes he could do anything for him on his own. He wants to do something for him, and he wants to be able to do it with his friends. He's going to ask them to sit down and watch a movie together, and they're going to agree. They'll sit down on the couch, and the narrator will tell them what's up, and then they'll tell each other what they should do with their time together.
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