Season 1 Chapter 9
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The next morning, Chester tells Yonville that he's brought his laptop back with him. He's been out of the country for a while, and he doesn't feel well. Yonville asks him why he hasn't been watching a movie in a long time. He tells him that it's his "source of security" , and that if he and Yonville pay the "termination fee" and his "fiendish" finances, he'll "prove to yvonne" that he still loves her. The next day, Yonville tells Chester that acting star Charles Chi has publicly announced his intention to "terminate his contract" with the company. He says that the rich just "do whatever they want" . The rich just did whatever they wanted . It was a mistake, says Yonville, for Charles to have signed on with a company that didn't really fit him. They were just "pulling him down," he says. The whole company is "so unlucky" to have had such a bad luck, he says, and they should think of a way to overcome their problems. He asks Yonville if he can continue on with her, and she says that she'll have to think about it. She says that if she tells anyone, she's dead .
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