Vol.1 Chapter 1
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This chapter opens with a soliloquy by Dr. Barlow. He tells the audience that he is a man who has been abandoned by God, and that God has promised him that he will be free from his curse. He says that God will free his soul, and he curses the providence that has abandoned him. He also says that the darkness of the world can be his soul. He curses God for not allowing him to live his life according to God's word, and curses that God now curses him because of his rage and desire. He then says that he thought the nightmare was a final vision of life before the abyss, and wrapped himself in his arms, as if he were hers. He realizes that it is a nightmare, but that his soul is tainted with the blood of the devil. He is now free from the curse of God and declares that his name is "Na." He then goes on to say that he knows the priest who gave him the creeps, but he does not know the owner of the car.
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