You've Won Me Over

Chapter 40: The Slaves' Secrets (Part 9)
This is a locked chapterChapter 40: The Slaves' Secrets (Part 9)
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The next morning, Harriet tries to write a letter to the new master. She's worried that he'll read it and think she's lying about it. She tells him to write the letter the same way he wrote it the last time he took the exam. Harriet says she'll burn the contract she signed with the nobles in exchange for taking the exam, but she doesn't know what's going on. Harriet tells him that the slave is upset without him, and that she'd better have it prepared by the next day. Harriet asks him if he'd honor his promise to a dog, and he says he would honor a commitment he made to a woman. Harriet wonders why he sent her away, and she says he gave her everything he had. She says he's all she needs, and if he wants to use her to get the woman back, he can use her too. Harriet apologizes for the behavior she witnessed the day before, and says she can't be sure if it was him or not. She apologizes again, and tells the master to make the dog learn a lesson. Harriet reminds the master that he was taken to the old house and saw the lady and the slave who looked like they were having a "loving moment" , and the master says it's better to put the rumor to an end than to let the dog spread it to anyone. He promises to give Harriet a discount on anything she needs.
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