Mercy Killing

Chapter 121: Queen of Tricks
This is a locked chapterChapter 121: Queen of Tricks
About This Chapter
In this chapter, we learn that Cai-Li is using illusions to trap and kill her brother. She's also trying to kill him in her illusion, which means that even if he defeats the guy, he'll still have unlimited opponents. Cai-Ling tells her sister that she has sent someone to help her find a way out of their hiding place. The door is on restricted mode, so she'll have to seal it first. The sound of a violin echoes through the room. It's the music of sister six-fingers, who's been using her violin to attack the two of them. The music is coming from the east, and it's so powerful that it'll make people move around in a way that's going to leave them paralyzed or even dead. This is going to be a nightmare.
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