Mercy Killing

Chapter 71: You Don't Understand Our Feelings
This is a locked chapterChapter 71: You Don't Understand Our Feelings
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In this scene, Cai tells us that he's found out that someone has leaked a lot of bad news about the company. He immediately decides to go to the company and find out what's going on. He's got a plan: he'll get the company's news agency to block the leak. He also has a plan to kill the person who leaked the information. He goes to the basement and hears someone screaming. He thinks it's Cai. Cai tells the company that they've caught the traitor and that they should kill all of the suspects. He tells Cai that he didn't really want to kill her so soon, but now that the test has come back negative, she looks like a man again. Cai says that he hates her more than anything because she's never had a child, and that she pretends to be pregnant all the time. He arranges for Cai to get a double dose of lethal injection.
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