Chapter 47
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This chapter opens with a conversation between Lin Yao yue and the prince of da yuan. Lin is worried that he will not be able to fight Ming ling because the prince's father is the brother of the emperor and because he is the crown prince. Lin tells the prince that he can do whatever he wants with his life. He reminds him that his family will not suffer because of his willfulness. The prince tells him that the whole country will know that he is planning to marry Ming Ming. Lin says that he has no choice but to help the prince. He says that Ming Ming is afraid of him because his father and brother were the sons of the Emperor and the Crown Prince. Lin reminds the prince not to step back from him because he will take him as far away as he wants. Lin then tells the Prince that the General's mansion is falling into a trap like the one that led to the Emperor's death. He warns the prince to make sure that the family is safe. He also tells him to remember that he cannot change his fate as long as the prince wants it. Lin asks the prince if he is afraid that the prince is going to take him away from him. Lin replies that the general's family can be friends with any forces, but they can't get too close. They can only befriend Ming Ming and his brother. The General says that his wife has lost her leg and offended the princess. Lin tries to convince the Prince to go to the banquet that night. He tells him about the news that Ming
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