Chapter 133
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In this chapter, Caius warns the reader not to get too excited about the outcome of his divination. He warns Caius not to use the "magic power" of the "hell warrant" , because the world is "upstanding" . He tells Caius that if he gives him back his tarot cards, he will consider sending him out to the "western hell" forever. Caius says that he will depend on Caius to get out of the western hell, because he does not beat women. He says that the "soul--calming needle--under mind control--hua-wusheng--is really amazing." Caius asks where Aofei has gone, and Caius tells him that it is obvious that he has made a mess. He then says that Caius has captured his boss, and that the fight is over. He asks Caius why he is so excited, and he answers that he almost forgot about shuang.
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