Chapter 60
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Back at the university, Dr. Rivers is freaking out. He wants to know if he's going to get his silver needle back. He doesn't think he'll be able to control it. He's worried about his tummy ache, and he wants to get help ASAP. He asks Rivers to remind him before giving him the silver needle again. Rivers explains that it's only a reward for improving one's strength, but you can use it to speed up your internal force, which can also be used as a sword. He tells Rivers that he can't control the needle, but he can ask for help if he needs it. Rivers says that he has explained to Rivers the structure and characteristics of the organization of witch doctors. Any witch zombies witch refined animals witch doctors no got it. Good ! Let's talk about our tactics. Dr. Ellie will handle those who're good at witchcraft, and Dr. Rivest will deal with those who are bad at witchcraft. They'll talk about how to deal with the witch zombies later. Rivers asks if there's any need to wait for the witch doctors to show up. He says that there is. There's a witch doctor on campus, and they should just get in and show him their pass card. They should send a signal to each other when they find the witch doctor. Rivers thinks that this is a rude way to go about finding them. He thinks that a dog
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