Chapter 46
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In this chapter, we learn that the police have withdrawn from Shanghai, and that Dr. Manette is now the main opponent for the Mings. He is amazed that the doctor has taken out his bitter yin needle, which is supposed to be used only for internal energy. He says that he will use his internal energy to protect himself against the Ming's vigorous qi. He also says that the two doctors know how to fight each other. He asks the doctor if he would like to join them, and the doctor replies that he does not mind, as long as he makes money. The doctor then suggests that they take him to their headquarters, where he can talk to his superiors and find out if there is a vacancy for a new boss. The young man says that it is very thoughtful of the doctor to ask for such a thing. He then asks if there are any vacancies for a boss in the organization, and he says that if he could not be the boss of the losers among them, he would as well forget about it. He tells the doctor that he has some difficulties catching his needle with his bare hands.
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