Off Limits!

Chapter 86
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About This Chapter
In this chapter, we learn that Jim does not have a family, and that his mother and father are not helping him. He also learns that his future brother-in-law, Haeseon, is getting married this year, and he wants to get married as soon as possible. He asks Seontae to come with him to the wedding, but she refuses, saying that her family is too big for her. She also tells him that he already knows his future stepfather and stepmother, and she says that she has already known her future younger sister, who will be his step-mother. Jim says that he has always wanted to have a big family, but that he only asked his parents to come because he is so excited about his brother's upcoming marriage. He says that they are noisy and noisy and that he needs a coffee break. He then says that there is no way that he could wear a suit and meet his future step-sister in the fancy hotel cafe where she is staying. He tells her that he is not into the girl like her, that he does not like the guy like her. He wants to know how he can be attracted to her when she tells him she has a girlfriend, and when he tells her he has not, she says she cannot help but be jealous. She asks if they can meet again, and Jim says he needs someone to help him.
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