Off Limits!

Chapter 10
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Jim wakes up the next morning to find that he's been late to work because of a car accident. He asks the assistant manager if he'd like to go to lunch with him. The assistant manager says he'll take herbal tea with him, but he doesn't feel well. Jim asks if he can go with him to lunch, but the assistant says he has to go see a friend of his from another company, so he cancels the appointment. Jim thinks that this means that the friend is sorting out her feelings for him, and that their relationship will be back to the way it was before. The next day, Jim finds out that they've been going out for lunch many times, and he asks why they're always going out to lunch. Jim says that's because he has a ton of work to do. He blames himself for being jealous of the assistant's relationship with a woman, because he fought with his girlfriend when she was pregnant. He says that the assistant is just jealous because he doesn1t have a boyfriend, and the assistant makes the assistant feel like a lonely goose because he keeps his girlfriend off.
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