Off Limits!

Chapter 69
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About This Chapter
It's been a while since we've heard from the narrator, but he's finally ready to tell us what's up. He tells Park that he'll be going to Hong Kong to work for a company called Wcorp. He's going to be the vice president of Wcorp's Hong Kong office, which means that Park will be traveling all over the place. Park says that he has to decline the offer, because he has someone he can't part with. He says that his fiancee has already introduced him to her family in Hong Kong, so he doesn't want to leave her behind. He also says that the project at Wcorp has been "stuck" for a while, and that he wouldn't accept a rejection. He promises to come back to the office every weekend, and he promises to call Park three times a day. He asks Park if he can wait for a year, but Park says he tried his best to refuse. He wants to tell his fiancee about the offer before he leaves, but it's too hard for him to be selfish with her.
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