Chapter 67
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The next morning, the group returns to the temple, where they find the corpse of a nun lying on the ground. The nun has been driven mad by hunger, and the group has put in a lot of ingredients to make it look like she is dead. The group asks the nun to come with them to their home and ask her about the mystery of the nun's disappearance. She refuses, saying that the mystery is still unsolved. The boy tells the group that they should look into the mystery more thoroughly, since there are many "questionable points" in the case. He also says that the group should have told the nun that they might still have been in the mountains, but they had also told her that she left in haste without taking a look at the three mountains. He says that it is his fault that they were so careless. He tells the boy that he was thinking they should remain vigilant, so he made up the seal formation to test the monster. He asks the boy if bullies always pick on weak people, and he says that bullies always try to pick on a weak person. He wonders if they can do the same trick to him twice. He then tells the gang that he has found a gloomy graveyard three miles from the town of zhuxi. It was once a temple, but it has since been abandoned and turned "very desolate" . The time is limited, he says. He is sure that they will find theyn chong there
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