The Runaway Wife

Chapter 220
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In this chapter, we learn that quan group has just won a contract to build a hotel on land on the West Coast, and that the company's vice president, lu Qian, is in charge of the project. We learn that the police have been involved in the investigation, and the company has been cooperating with the police. The vice president introduces himself as eric , and he tells us that he is the new vice president of the company. He then introduces us to linda, and she tells him that the couple is "being arrogant" and that they should not be so worked up. eric tells her that he wants to make her remember that she handled things properly and that she deserves a lesson. He tells her to aim for him if she has a grudge and not to implicate others. linda tells eric that he should try to get rid of lu Qian if he is in trouble. He tries to convince her to accept the situation, but she refuses, saying that she was seduced by her fiance and hit by him. She asks him why he hurt her friend. He says that he has to give her a reasonable explanation.
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