The Runaway Wife

Chapter 180
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The next morning, esianqian tells linda to go back to sleep. He tells her that he is going to pick her up and take her to the royal palace. linda tells him that she has prepared a police escort for him. She says that she will be at the palace in a minute. She tells quan that he hurt his wife. quan says that the two people next to him are not his opponent, but that his people will be there any minute. He says that he believes that he has more power than one of the royal heirs, but if he touches linda, he will use diplomatic means, which he doesn't want. . he says that his status is important to him, but he will not forget his status. If linda touches him, he says, he'll resort to diplomatic methods, which sucks. He asks if he believes he can make the royal family cut him off right now, but linda says she is the last person he's interested in, and she's the one who he wants to see again. He calls her "despicable woman" and tells her to get him on the plane and leave immediately. He also says that they'll pretend to be an accident so that they can leave immediately
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