Chapter 40
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Yonhap News Agency reports that the king has sent an inspector to the palace to make sure that no one is able to enter his bedroom. Yonhap also reports that he has ordered some snacks for his servants. He tells Yonhap that the council and the internal assembly are opposing his father's efforts to weaken the nobility's power. He says that he met a taoist on the opposing side, who probably won't be able to harm him directly, but he should be careful. He asks Yonhap if he intends to do anything, and Yonhap replies that he doesn't intend to do so. He adds that he is going to let the nobility roam around like this because he cannot help it now, and he needs more time to think things over. He explains that he had tried to weaken their power, but it is still invincible. He also says that his father tried to do something about it, but that it's too late. He wants more time before he can do anything. The inspector says that they have already prepared for the king and his servants to enter the bedroom, but Yonhap points out that they can't enter anyway because they're not visible to the king or his majesty. They're invisible to ordinary people, and that's why the inspector is sent. He's worried that if he dies in the palace he will be the one who will take care of it, because he's going to be in charge of it. He scolds his servants for being quiet, and tells them to be quiet. He then tells them that they should come in, have a drink, and discuss the situation with him. They don't seem to be interested in the matter, and when Yonhap asks if they intend
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