The Fox & Little Tanuki

Vol.2 Chapter 10
This is a locked chapterVol.2 Chapter 10
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The wolves are amused by the fact that senzou is getting his powers back. The dormice and the warashi notice that he's getting more and more emotional, and senzou feels the need to respond to his feelings. The tanuki cub, he says, has wormed its way into his heart. The warashi receives a pearl of protection from the sun goddess, and he responds by saying that he likes chicken skewers. He also tells senzou that he has decided to open his own restaurant. He says he doesn't have much to do, because he thinks the place looks different than it did when he opened it. He's glad senzou got his powers, but he doesn1t think senzou looks like a human yet. He thinks that humans are only animals that can transform into humans, even though they are the only ones that can do so.
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