Chapter 53
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In the middle of a conversation with his bodyguards, Mr. Xue suddenly realizes that he is being attacked by his son-in-law, and he threatens to kill the man if he does not comply with his orders. He tells the man that he has the money to kill him and that he will be the leader of his family business in Japan. The man is shocked to learn that his father is on the side of the enemy and that the third person is not allowed to interfere in a single fight. The young master tells his son to take care of his business and to hope that he can see him again. When the young master realizes that the man is not his father, he curses him and tells him that it is time for them to solve their problems. He asks why he tried to murder him, and the young man answers that he was wrong, stupid, and unfaithful to his wife. He says that he would kill his wife 100 times if he could, and would kill him in front of his wife to teach her the lesson. He is so sorry that he vows to kill his son once he is out of the country.
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