Chapter 48
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This chapter opens with the return of the "avenr" created by the "warring blades" . This time, it's not just the blade that's returned, but also the one who's created it. The blade is the one that created the "devil girl" , and he's here to tell her that she's in for a rude awakening. He tells her that he'll help her remember him no matter what happens to her, and that she can always come back to him. He's got a message for her: "Drip purse." The "earth cage formation" is on the way, and the "heishan battalion" is heading over to the yinyun mansion. The "heistan battalion," as they're called, is made up of men from the "spirit fountain realm" who're supposed to be protecting the "goddess realm" from the evil "daughter of darkness." Uh-oh, it turns out that they've come to help "xiaojun" escape from the wrath of "the devil girl." They're going to kill her, but she'll have to come back and save the day. The guy in charge of the earth cage, "chenjiu
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