Chapter 17
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About This Chapter
The chapter opens with a flashback to the beginning of the story, when the students are discussing the battle between the two nobles. They discuss the fact that the nobles are stronger than the lower-class students, and that if they lose, the students will be more arrogant and will oppress the lower classes forever. The flashback shows that the students have been reading the scroll from which they were instructed, and they have come to believe that the scroll is from the ocean and the fountain, and is the source of the healing powers of their qi. They believe that their qi is healing their wounds, and the scroll must be the healing power of the ocean. They are shocked to see that the battle is still going on, and are even more shocked when they see that Wushuang has managed to get some strikes in on the enemy. The narrator tells the students that they should stop worrying about the battle and start thinking about the future.
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