Chapter 52
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In this chapter, we are introduced to kula, a young woman who has just received her salary. She tells us that lynn has treated her very well, and that she has found Henry. kula asks Henry if he would like to take a picture of himself with her, and Henry says that he would, but that he has no time to do so. He tells kula that he just received his salary and that he had no time at all to eat. He asks kula what the matter is, and kula tells him that she doesn't understand the girl. She says that her daughter is beautiful, and behaves exactly like her. She asks Henry to give her some food, and he says that she will follow him just like that. He says that this age is beginning to realize that the opposite sex is beautiful. He also says that encouraging primary school children into relationship is not good, because it encourages them to be in love with one another, but this is not the case with kula. He offers to buy her a toy if she likes it.
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